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America, Empire of Liberty: Power and Progress v. 2 (BBC Audio)

America, Empire of Liberty: Power and Progress v. 2 (BBC Audio) - David Reynolds This second volume of the BBC Radio series on US history, with its 30 x 13 minute episodes covering 1860 to 1945 slightly disappoints compared to the excellent first volume.

Some parts, especially the later episodes covering the early twentieth century match volume 1 for excellence - being gripping and drawing you onwards, but the Civil War episodes take a confusing thematic approach (the war is "over" before Gettysburg makes an appearance) and they are followed by several episodes mired in dry stories of inter-party machinations and skullduggery.

Worth sticking with, because the twentieth century episodes do perk up, and I'm heading into Volume 3 (the Cold War and beyond) with enthusiasm.